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About Aitou

Aitou our lovely village is lying on four hills : " JABAL AYTO(EL KAREN)-EL ALAMA-DNIT-KANISSA HILL". It is one of the first villages in Casa ZGHARTA , far from the capital , by 113 km and far from Tripoli by 27 km , and Zgharta , the casa center , by 19 km . It is between 900 & 1300 meters above sea level. The village's area is about 6.9 km2 or 6,900,000 meters squares.

The name of Aitou is translated as ‘Summer Resort” in Syriac, in reference to its location on an elevation relatively close to the coast.


Aitou is famous for its horn-like structure cut into rocks, known as the qarn (Horn) of Aitou.


Aitou’s landscape is rocky, with forests of trees growing between the rocks. The town has some old vestiges, such as an old tower and a temple. Above the temple stands the Monastery of Saint Simon (Al Amoudi), indicating that this land was s Phoenician place of worship. A completely submerged sarcophagus cut into rocks was discovered in Aitou and has been deemed very important by researchers. The sarcophagus is composed of a tomb cut into rocks known as the (Nawous) , and it is located to the north of the Qarn of Aitou. Some researchers believe the sarcophagus belongs to Kinaan Bin Ham Bin Noah, also known as Finik , the grandfather of the Phoenicians. 


During the 2nd century B.C., Aitou became famous for its forests, as indicated by a hieroglyphic inscription kept in the Beirut National Museum. This inscription was sent by Egypt’s Pharaoh Pepi II to one of the Byblos kings asking for a number of trees from the woods of the God Aitou in order to extract the resin used by the Egyptians for embalmment



1. Mar Youssef (Saint Joseph)

2. Mar Sema’an (Saint Simon) Monastery

3. Mar Sarkis and Bakhos Ancient Church

4. Mar Doumit Ancient Church

5. Mr. Barbar Torbey Heritage House

6. Al-Saydeh (our Lady) Ancient Church

7. Old Jarbich Area holds an Old press

8. Mar Sema’an Church (Saint Simon)

9. Saint Rafqa Church

10. Saint Challita Ancient Monastery

11. Qarn (Horn) Aitou holds an Old sarcophagus




1. La Roche D’or Restaurant    03/326607

2. Al-Sindiyaneh Restaurant

3. Le relais Restaurant 06/575042

4. Trad Restaurent

Snaks( fast food):

Take a Break

Abou dany

Super Night club : The old Inn

Markets: Mini Market Abou Jamil

                 Mini market toufik hitti

                 Mini market bakhos alwan

                Mini market Suzi Kerbage

Clothes and shoes :  nakhil

                                  Prix Choc

Ladies accessories :  Rania Haddad-Hadchity

Barber: Salon Tony khoury for men

Internet and electronics games: Elie haddad




Mar Sema’an Monastery for Nuns is characterized by several handicrafts, including sewing and embroidery, rse and flower water production, production of marsepan as well as local dairy products.

For more information,please contact the monastery, tel. : 03/881865



  1. Nayef Alwan Sculpture Atelier  06/575120 – 03/825528

          Fer Forge Atelier: Said Younes 03/326726

                                     Sayed Alwan

                                      Pierre Younes

         Carpentry: Youssef Halloul 06/575087

         Cars Electrics : Joseph Sous

         Houses Electrics: Phillipe Haddad

                                    Said Sous

Agriculture: Apples, Pears and grapes.

Celebrations: The feast of :

Mar Sarkis and Bakhos - 7th of October,

Mar Semaan - 3rd of February

Virgin Mary - 15th of August,

Mar Doumit - 7th of August,

Number of inhabitants: only 700 people live in Ayto , in about 200 houses, and the rest of the houses are totally deserted because of high rate of immigration. In 1975 , before the Lebanese war , about 1400 people used to live in Ayto , and although many of the immigrants have not registered their children in the Lebanese official sit was notice able that the number of the people who participated in the elections for the year 2003 reached up to ( )person . It has also been estimated according to some statistics that in the U.S.A there are about 14,000 immigrants from aitou ,(in peoria 6500)and in Venezuela, and in other countries like Australia , africa , Brazil , and other European and Arab countries.

The first family who immigrate from ayto was khoury's family and they established the biggest Lebanese club in poeria (usa).

Families in Ayto:

Today , in Aitou the following family names exist : El-Khoury, ,Alwan , Sleiman , Younes , Halloul, Hitty , Sous , Sarkis , Torbey , Bechara , Gibrine , Trad , El- jem , Moujali , Halhoul , Chwayre , Maroun , Saliba , kerbaj.

It is worthy mentioning , however, that a big number of the families mentioned above do not exist anymore in Ayto since they have all immigrated for good , like Elhessen , Lahoud .



From the west: SERAAL AND TORZA.

From the south: SEBEEL.

From the north: EJBEH.

To be in ayto:

1 FROM BEIRUT: +beirut-tripoli-zgharta-kferhata-arjess-kfarfo-karem sadeh- sebeel-ayto. +beirut- chekka-amiyoun-kessba-torza-serhel-ejbeh-ayto.

2 FROM BEKAA: +bekaa-arez(ceders)-becharre-hadchit-blawza-ban-kferzghab-ehden-ejbeh-ayto.

3 FROM AKKAR: +akkar-badawi-tripoli-kobeh-mejdlaya-zgharta-kferhata-arjess-kfarfo-karem sadeh-sebeel-ayto.

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